Greenhouse – Modulus Data

    Applicant Tracking System


    Stage change triggers assessment invitations, results in candidate details include scores, links, and PDF reports

    Modulus Data provides a fully-automated, two-part integration between Greenhouse and The Predictive Index (PI). Upon moving candidates to a stage you’ve defined for each Greenhouse Job, assessments are automatically sent via the PI system for the assessments you’ve indicated for that Greenhouse Job. If an assessment exists for a candidate, that result is used to satisfy the need to assess. Candidates are assigned the PI Job you configure for each Greenhouse Job, making match scores possible whenever PI Jobs have targets defined. Results include status, reference profile names and descriptions, Behavioral and Cognitive match scores, a calculated overall match score level, and Behavioral Report, Interview Guide, and optional Cognitive Report in PDF format as attachments.


    • Behavioral
    • Cognitive


    • Behavioral Report PDF
    • Cognitive Report PDF
    • Interview Guide PDF
    • Job Match Scores


    For each Job defined in Greenhouse, decide

    • Which stage will trigger the automated sending of email assessment invitations to Candidates
    • Whether to send Behavioral or Cognitive or Both assessment invitations
    • Which PI Job Target to assign Candidates for use in calculating a Job Match / Fit Score

    Upon completion, results are immediately stored in Greenhouse Candidate details

    • Assessment status and basic results/scores go into custom Candidate fields
    • Behavioral Report and Interview Guide (if using Job Target) attached to Candidate
    • Overall, Behavioral and Cognitive Match Scores displayed
    • Job Match Level (High/Medium/Low) based on client Match Score ranges – makes it possible to filter the Candidate list
    • Link to Person Overview in the PI Software

    Previously completed assessments will be used when available

    Assessment “sender” can be configured to be Recruiter, Coordinator, or a static name/email


    • One-time Setup Fee
    • Annual Subscription Fee
    • Fees calculated as a percentage of PI annual subscription

    Languages Supported

    • English
    • French

    More Information

    Consultant-Only Datasheet