Applicant Tracking System


    Send candidates a PI Behavioral assessment and see results via a link stored in the candidate assessment data.

    Avature has constructed a built-in integration with The Predictive Index, automatically sending an email invitation to the PI Behavioral assessment to any candidate who reaches the designated workflow step.

    Upon completion, assessment status changes and a link is stored in Avature that leads to the Behavioral Report PDF in the PI software.

    Existing clients should contact their PI consultant and Avature account representative to obtain this integration.


    • Behavioral


    • Link to Behavioral Report PDF


    • Automatically send assessment invitations to candidates who reach a designated workflow step.
    • Email invitation sent from Avature contains the PI Behvioral assessment link.
    • Upon completion, Avature assessment data is updated and a link is stored to the results.
    • Following the link leads to the PI software and the Behavioral Report PDF.
    • PDF report can be viewed after first logging in to PI software.


    • Avature one-time setup fee
    • Avature annual fee

    Languages Supported

    • English
    • Any