Applicant Tracking System


    Easily assess candidates and view PDF result links via smart tags in the Candidate view.

    ApplicantPro has constructed a built-in integration with The Predictive Index for use by PI subscribers, enabling recruiting users to order assessments directly from the Candidate Profile view. Both Behavioral and Cognitive assessments are available. Ordered assessments show up as tags in the Candidate view.

    Upon completion, the tag changes to indicate results are available. Activating the tag displays the Match Score and links to the PDF reports. Opening PDF reports does not require a PI software login.


    • Behavioral
    • Cognitive


    • Behavioral Report PDF
    • Cognitive Report PDF
    • Interview Guide PDF
    • Match Score


    • Order assessments directly from the Candidate Profile view
    • View assessment results as tags that function as smart popups containing links to PDF results
    • View PI Match Score in software
    • PDF reports can be viewed without logging in to PI software


    • Free - ApplicantPro provides this integration with PI at no charge.
    • A Predictive Index subscription is required before this integration can be activated. There are no additional setup, access, or per-assessment charges beyond a PI subscription.

    Languages Supported

    • English
    • Any
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