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    Embed assessment links in automated messages to save time sending individual invites, deliver completion messages to the right team member via email

    Two-way Automated Integration Not Possible

    ADP Workforce Now makes it possible for someone to build an external integration to read Recruitment module data and automatically send PI assessments but does not allow results to be stored into WfN upon assessment completion. This limitation makes 2-way (request assessment + store results) integration impossible. So far, clients who have considered these facts have concluded that the cost of a 1-way integration is too high for the limited benefit. If ADP expands the integration features it’s WfN Recruitment module supports, we will update this information. Until then, clients using PI with ADP WfN Recruitment can achieve some efficiency using the PI feature described below.

    Current Strategy Available

    The Predictive Index software offers a feature known as “Open Invitation Links” that appears in the Assessment Center in the “Invite by Link” tab. You can create one general link to use for all assessment takers or many specialized links for different jobs or recruiters or locations. Each link can have its own notification settings as well, enabling the right people to receive an email notification when assessments are completed for links that pertain to them.

    Read about how to manage assessments this way here: How to Administer an Assessment Using an Open Invitation Link


    • Behavioral
    • Cognitive


    • Emailed Link to PI Person Page


    • Show assessment links to candidates in web content
    • Send assessment links to candidates in email messages
    • Automatically assign PI attributes to an assessment taker by using a given assessment link
      • Job
      • Folder
      • Person Type
    • Configure completion notification emails containing links to PI results to be sent to a custom list of recipients for each link
    • Optionally deliver the Behavioral Report PDF to the assessment taker
    • Optionally configure a Cognitive assessment invitation to be sent following completion of the Behavioral assessment


    • This PI Open Invitation Link feature is included with the PI software

    Languages Supported

    • English
    • Any
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