People management

Most business problems are people problems.

Lack of motivation, disengagement, and poor fit will spread like an infection to impact your team’s creativity, teamwork, productivity—and ultimately your bottom line.

Most of those people problems trace back to how we hire and manage. In fact, experts say an employee’s manager is responsible for 70% of the variance in employee engagement levels. But here’s the catch: managing people can be hard. Really hard.

That’s why people management is your biggest business challenge.

If you want employees to thrive and succeed, you must provide managers with tools and guidance that illuminate how each person on their teams thinks and works most productively.

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Manager tools

Just because you are motivated in certain ways doesn’t mean the people you’re managing are motivated and driven in the same way. The exact things that motivate you might de-motivate someone else. When it comes to managing, motivating, and communicating with employees, one size doesn’t fit all.

PI gives managers a suite of powerful tools to calibrate their feedback, coaching, and development and get the most out of each individual on their teams.

Immediate behavioral insight: As soon as someone’s been through a PI Behavioral Assessment, managers will have immediate insight into their behavioral patterns. We also generate Personal Development Charts, Manager Development Charts, Management Strategy Guides, and Relationship Guides—all designed expressly to help managers understand themselves, understand those who report to them and understand how to work together more effectively.

Insights into team dynamics

Interpersonal, one-to-one dynamics are a challenge for many managers to master. And as leaders ascend and manage bigger and bigger teams, they need to master team dynamics as well. PI gives managers powerful guidance and insights into team work styles and group analytics to help them build and manage teams that are both highly engaged and highly productive.

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