Want alternatives to DISC assessments? Go with The Predictive Index

The DiSC assessment (Personality Profile) and the PI Behavioral Assessment share similar origins, and are rooted in some of the same theories. 

While DiSC offers a personality assessment, the results do not provide measures of specific skills or aptitudes, but rather a snapshot of an individual’s potential tendencies. It is not scientifically validated for workplace application, and is available in many free online variations. 

No credit card required.

DiSC vs The Predictive Index

Backed by six decades’ worth of behavioral science, PI Hire, Inspire, Design, and Diagnose combine to offer a wealth of empowering insights. Used in tandem, these tools illuminate and enhance awareness at the individual, team, and organizational levels. Plus, PI users gain access to a world-class consulting network, there to customize solutions and meet you where you are, as you try to solve your biggest people problems.

How do DiSC & The Predictive Index compare?

Validated for use in hiring
Powered by actionable software
Measures cognitive ability
Supports the full employee lifecycle
Offers customizable job targets
Includes custom interview guides
Provides expert consulting services
Supports team development

Why choose The Predictive Index?

The Predictive Index measures something even more innate than a candidate’s skills—and that’s the person themself. Learn exactly how your candidate is wired and whether they’ll be a strong behavioral and cognitive fit for a role. PI accomplishes what DiSC promises, in minutes.

PI also comes with built-in benchmark data and custom interview questions, so you can hire quickly and confidently.

PI helps you predict workplace success.

How, exactly? The secret lies in our science. For 65 years, industrial and organizational psychologists have honed the PI Behavioral Assessment to be short, intuitive, and—above all else—accurate. It’s the reason why our clients trust us. To date, 37.5 million assessments have been sent worldwide.

Here is what our clients are saying about us

Jim Koch | Founder & Chairman of Boston Beer Company

We’ve been using it for 30 years. We don’t hire anybody without looking at their PI [Behavioral Assessment results].

Tracie Sponenberg | Chief People Officer, The Granite Group

PI allows us to have insight into our team’s natural behavioral tendencies, so we can see what roles might be a good fit for them.