Brand Guidelines

From logos and colors to typography and tone, these guidelines will help you use The Predictive Index brand properly.

Colors Quick Access









Product Colors and Icons

Each PI product is differentiated by a color gradient and an icon within the PI Design System. These icons are not sub-brands of PI, and are only to be used to differentiate products within the suite. Download Product Icons.

PI Hire
PI Inspire
PI Design
PI Diagnose
PI Perform

PI Branded Merch Store

Purchase PI branded hoodies, hats, bags, shirts, and more in the official branded merch shop. Just want stickers? Click here instead.

PI Logo Files

Artwork files (.SVG and .PNG) can be downloaded from here. For proper usage, refer to the Logo section in our Brand Guide.

Reference Profile Icons

Download our 17 Reference Profile icons for both internal and external presentations, swag, and more.

Team Type & Strategy Icons

Looking to represent your team or strategy? Check out our new icons.

Writing Guidelines

A working repository of rules, suggestions, and best practices to be applied in-app, on our documentation and marketing sites, and beyond.

  • Text and paragraph formatting
  • AP style preferences for PI


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