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Brand Resources

We need to maintain a brand identity that is strong, adaptable, and defining of our amazing culture and the companies we empower. We’ve made it easy to pull all of PI’s brand resources and guidelines in one place.

The PI logo is the symbol of powerful transformation and a positive way forward. It’s a power-up, a beacon, a guide. It’s instantly recognizable as our company identity.


  • The logo must have a clear space equal to half of the circle diameter on all sides.
  • Use the white version of the logo on background colors that are not within the brand color palette. 
  • Do not change the colors of the logo
  • Do not attempt to recreate the logo
  • Do not add effects to the logo
  • Do not crop the logo

Printing the logo on merchandise (sweatshirts, water bottles, decals, and more) must be approved by the Brand Team.


Roboto is our primary font, to be used in marketing communications, software UI design, websites, and blogs. It has been been chosen for its compatibility and simple style, making things easier to read.

Roboto Bold is our primary typeface used in headings and body copy.

The Predictive Index

the Predictive Index

Predictive Index


PI Worldwide

Company Name

The full official name is The Predictive Index, never “Predictive Index” or “TPI” on its own. The abbreviated “PI” letters can be used as long as the full name is used prior. 

Tone & Behavior

As leaders in the transformative discipline of talent optimization, PI owns our category with professionalism and authority. We have a grand vision, and we know our clients’ success can change the world. With our power and drive for change, we are wise, encouraging, aspirational, and purposeful. 

Tone v. Personality

Personality is an essential part of our brand, and we communicate in a friendly, human nature. As a talent optimization thought leader, you may also have your own personal brand that incorporates elements that are unique to your own voice and personality. When we are writing specifically for the PI brand, we must work together to project a single, consistent and coherent voice and messaging structure. 


“Be smart and mature, but don’t be boring.”

We are confident in our understanding of human behavior in the workplace. Our tools provide insights and solutions that amaze and empower, and we have built the foundation of talent optimization over 65 years of scientific validation and rigor. We are proud of our knowledge and we maintain a level of excitement. To resonate with our audience, we avoid fancy, formal language in favor of simple, direct language.

  • We hold a mature and intelligent tone, but we are never condescending.
  • We are charismatic, and we establish a personal connection.
  • We are confident in our knowledge, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Copy examples

Job candidates really want to be appealing, so they highlight their strengths and hide their weaknesses. Some even flat-out lie.

You’re gonna find some liars in interviews. Don’t let them suck you in! 

Most companies don’t consider how a new hire will affect the team—and they pay the price.

Multiple variables in a new hire will result in disengagement and negative outcomes. Do not allow the hire to decrease your ability to build a stronger company.

Visual examples


“Push them on their journey, but don’t hand-hold.”

We know how to help, remaining aspirational while pushing others to create a better world through talent optimization. To be taken seriously as a mentor, we don’t position ourselves as a playful equal- like best friends or colleagues. Instead, we constantly remind our audience of the long road ahead and their ability to accomplish anything they set out to do.

  • We are seasoned experts, coaches, drivers of change.
  • Our purpose is to push clients to be their best, not accept mediocrity.
  • We are motivators, and we don’t commiserate.

Copy examples

Read the 60-page State of Talent Optimization Report to learn how you too can beat the competition.

Hey! Nice to see you again. Check out our awesome new report! 

While having an agreed-upon and well-documented business strategy is mission-critical, business strategies don’t execute themselves; people do.

Business strategies usually suck, and it’s always someone’s fault!

By partnering with PI, you can be one of the few consultants to offer a holistic talent optimization solution that will radically transform your clients’ companies.

If this is for you, let us know. We are always looking for kick-ass partners like you.


“Anything is possible, but keep it realistic”

We are building a better world, transforming the workplace for good. We have high hopes, leading the charge and transforming the world of work. Setting the bar high doesn’t mean being too cool, edgy, and hyperbolic about our statements. We aren’t wacky, risky or offbeat, but rather to stand out by offering innovative solutions that change perspective and address problems in a new way. 

  • We believe anything is possible, but we don’t over-promise.
  • We are agents of change, but we don't exaggerate for shock value.
  • We have high expectations, but we understand what's possible.

When culture is aligned with the business strategy, it acts as a catalyst for individual and collective productivity.

When you build a ROCKSTAR culture, your company will explode with creativity!

When they put their people in the right roles, they avoided turnover, toxicity, disengagement, and lost productivity.

They put their people in the right roles, which lit a match to the barrel of gasoline that was once a boring culture. Boom!


“Be helpful and informative. Don’t make a joke out of it.”

The success of our clients depends on their ability to make well-informed decisions, and it’s important to be respectful of that. We are not here to tell jokes or be goofy, nor are we here to reinforce their feelings of boredom or frustration. We want to help to compel customers to understand the possibilities of what they are undertaking, and inspire them with how important this mission is.

  • We communicate clearly, accurately, and honestly.
  • We speak conversationally, but we don’t tell jokes.
  • We have a human touch, and we always have a point.

Copy examples

After reading this report, you’ll understand how to design a talent strategy for maximum impact.

Read this report! It’s basically the best thing we’ve ever done.

Copy and paste the link to quickly send your employees the behavioral assessment link.

What are you waiting for?! Just copy the link, paste in an email, and send it to whoever you want.

Strategists are typically most effective when they can balance priorities, think big picture, and anticipate problems.

Watch out for Strategists; they don’t mess around.

Visual examples

Sonic Branding

When we release videos, podcasts, keynotes- it’s important to understand what music and audio samples define PI. Below is an example of our sonic branding.
Our main background soundtrack is called “Roots of Eve”

Brand fonts, colors, logos, tone organized neatly into a PDF.

Logo and identity usage, badges, and marketing guidelines for our PI Certified Partners.