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Culture Drives Business. We help leaders develop a world class culture that aligns to your purpose, strategy, and brand, while developing leaders who activate it to build the performance of your business...

Using a revolutionary, holistic approach we help leaders cultivate a high-impact culture where individuals know and use their unique strengths and talents to advance business goals. And we don’t stop there. We guide you in proven strategies and systems that activate healthy, sustainable growth for your organization.

• PEOPLE Science-based practices that unleash talent and deliver immediate impact on leadership potential and effectiveness
• CULTURE Experienced process that fosters an authentic, adaptable, and powerful culture of communication and thriving performance
• WELL-BEING Renewal and energy habits for sustained strength at the individual, team, and organizational levels
• ORGANIZATIONAL PERFORMANCE Expert guidance and trusted support to gain clarity and confidence in purpose, direction, and decision-making

All of this is backed by science. Using the power of The Predictive Index® – the most advanced talent behavioral assessment software in the world, and then wrapped in our Outperform Business Blueprint© – a research-back, experience-proven playbook to build an empowered and energized team.

The results? Everyone in your organization is leading with confidence and work thrives. And that’s a game-changer for your business.

Team Leaders

Rana DeBoer

Rana DeBoer

Chief Vision and Impact Officer

Rana is a passionate, veteran professional with over 25 years’ experience in strategic planning, culture engineering, and individual and organizational performance. You will frequently hear her say “culture is a continuous people energy” when working with her clients as she helps them create and live an exceptional workplace culture that fuels talent and business. Throughout her career, Rana has spearheaded strategic planning and complex projects, budget optimization and strategic workforce goals. She is skilled at cultivating partnerships and collaboration through all levels of employees. Rana has rich experience in visionary human resources, leading strategies and initiatives that have built effective talent, safety, well-being, and communication functions with quantifiable returns on investment. She understands how to build inclusive teams that capitalize on diversity to enhance performance. She has been recognized for proactively engineering innovative solutions and continually seeking to improve the status quo. Rana is well known as an inspiring speaker and organizational coach focused on an empowering “can-do, time is now, take action” message.

Gayle Ver Hey

Gayle Ver Hey

CEO, Chief Strategy + Talent Officer

Gayle leads strategic planning and talent strategies with management teams, first as the Sr VP of Operations in a Regional Workers Compensation company and then over the last 8 years with VOLT, working with a variety of businesses to help them in their journey towards business success. Prior to starting VOLT, Gayle held executive leadership roles in family-owned and publicly traded companies in human resources and strategic operations. She gained business experience in operations, IT , Safety and HR roles, including HR and Risk Assessments. She taps into her experience from a variety of industries to inspire and guide businesses toward their vision of results and impact.

Embracing the challenges of building cooperative leadership teams, she combines her expertise in workforce analytics, operational processes and facilitation skills with her passion for helping businesses develop clear strategies, enhance leadership competencies and effective communication plans. Gayle's involvement is a catalyst for improved business results.