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Retain and Upgrade Your Workforce

We know PEOPLE. Studies overwhelmingly show that happier, more engaged people are vastly more productive and invested in the success of their company. Allow us to free you up to focus on your core business by handing you an aligned Talent Strategy. All WS resources are required to have either deep experience and expertise, relevant advanced degrees in Psychology and Business Administration, or both.

Team Leaders

Scott Woodhill

Scott Woodhill

Owner and President

Scott Woodhill has spent his life studying what drives people to interact the way that they do; curious how upbringing, culture, religion, and identity shape our mindsets and personalities. Through a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology, he sharpened his understanding of interpersonal communication and ability to help people grow both professionally and personally. As all companies are comprised of human beings, we must help its talent to thrive in order to comprise a highly productive workforce. This drove Scott to create Woodhill Solutions and help people at all levels of organizations lead others and above all *themselves* for the greater good of the companies they choose to be a part of.

I sent my Account Manager to attend the ‘Leadership Effectiveness Series’ in order for her to gain the skills and knowledge to be a strong leader and effective sales manager at Cold Open. I saw from the first few sessions that her confidence grew tremendously! Not only can she manage clients on her own now but she instills the confidence in them that she can get the job done in a timely and professional manner. As a result of her transformation, we will be sending more members next series.

Rachel Hodges - Director of Accounts

Upgagement was instrumental in reforming the communication lines between members of our Neighborhood Leadership Program project team. The community literacy project was at risk of being canceled due to a variety of conflicts within the project team. They facilitated a restorative session in which the team members felt safe enough to express themselves honestly and learned a better way to collaborate with each other going forward.

Francisco Rodriguez - Community Development Specialist
Cold Open

I’m very grateful for the part Upgagement played in the recent improvements I’ve made in business and in my life.

Todd Withers - President
General Networks Corporation