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We predict and enhance the performance of your Team. We are the Performance Analytics firm with extensive real-world leadership expertise and the best science, tools, and data on the planet.
We Help Clients:

Get the right people in the right seats.
Business Coaching.
Sales Training that delivers results.
Phone Block Execution set more appointment close more deals.
CRM Sales Funnel Implementation, team buy-in Developing an Effective Sales Territory

We specialties include management & leadership development, coaching, team development, sales training, and strategic planning.

Team Leaders

Robert Trabosh

Robert Trabosh

Business Growth Specialist

For over 24 years, I have helped companies grow the base while achieving top line revenue targets and bottom line profits as a executive leader of sales and operations.

My strongest attributes are finding and developing talent, leading growth initiatives, forming strategic partnerships and building customer-centric platforms, which ultimately improves overall business health and margin expansion. I believe my best is ability is demonstrated by always making sure my employees know that they are #1 - this genuine belief has guided me to consistency with influence and working within the vision respective to what our customers desire.

I'm a servant leader and have an ability to make the "complex" simple. I engage people at all levels so that together, we ensure our customers experience a commitment to service excellence.
Our company has worked with businesses of all sizes from start ups to publicly traded companies in just about every industry. Our focus is simple; helping your business grow and prosper using proven strategies that have been tested and perfected over the past 24 years. We have the industry-only 17 Week Guarantee that truly sets us apart from anyone else.

“I joined Robert right after tax season and Immediately, I saw a boost in my bottom line. I have a very nice practice, but felt I was losing control. With a lot of hard work, guidance and coaching from Robert, my intention is to take this office to the next level and open another location. I feel that he has me on track to accomplish that goal within the time-frame we outlined.


I feel he has fresh ideas on marketing and networking. He offers a different approach and has clever ways to be subtle yet effective with regards to closing new business.


He has also coached me on matters of Staffing; dealing with Assessing new sales representatives. That's been super helpful. We have two new reps hitting ramp-up.