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About Six20 Partners

We partner with clients using people-focused analytics to drive performance. Because your business problems have people solutions.

Six20 Partners arms your company with people-focused analytics to boost individual and team performance. You get an amazing team of experts to help you understand how to effectively define, assess, select, and develop talent so that you can drive down attrition, increase productivity and build your leadership pipeline.

Team Leaders

Cindy Lynch

Cindy Lynch


Imagine a simple way to link business outcomes to people. I’ve never met a leader who thought their teams sold too much, quality was too high or their leaders were too effective. I help my clients optimize profits by optimizing their people strategy.

Rhonda Holloway


Known as a “dot-connector”, I can see how complex pieces fit together across your organization and help determine the best path forward. I take the time to truly understand your business, industry, and perspective to properly identify best-in-class