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About Modern Global Enterprises

We are a talent optimization and strategy firm specializing in designing amazing teams, hiring the best talent, inspiring employees, measuring engagement. We help HR Leaders in Media, Entertainment, Tech and Retail space.

We believe if you want to grow a world class company you need to start with world class talent and a winning team to get you there.

When you’re on a winning team, the world is yours. Creating an environment of trust and productivity where everyone has fun working together because they feel empowered by their work – not just for moments but all day long!

But you’re not experiencing that are you? If you were you wouldn’t be here.

If you’re like most leaders, you struggle to overcome common business
challenges like turnover, disengaged employees, team conflict, or bad hires
(the list goes on and on).

It doesn’t have to be this way…There’s a better more certain path to take.

That path is Talent Optimization.

Modern Global specializes in Talent Optimization and High Performance. We help world class companies like you hire smarter, improve engagement, and empower managers to lead and guide high performers. We help companies realize there business goals by optimizing their most important asset: THERE PEOPLE.

As a Partner firm of The Predictive Index, the people analytics, coupled with our 20 years of expertise in training, leadership development and coaching high performers to help you better understand your employees, identify potential problems before they arise and keep everyone on board with a common goal.
Let Modern Global help you to finally have the team of your dream, giving you the keys to design, cultivate and unleash your most valuable asset: your people

Team Leaders

Carly Lewis

Carly Lewis

Co-Partner & Chief Dream Team Creator

In the words of music producer and impresario, Jermaine Dupree of So So Def Records. "We Make Believers Out of Dreamers" I've had the pleasure of helping world class and innovative CEO's and companies go from dreaming, to believe and finally achieving their wildest dreams. My 24 year background as business strategist, management consultant and Executive Coach in industries as varied as Finance, Media, Entertainment, Healthcare and Tech industries gives me creative, innovative, think outside the box skills to which my clients leverage for there success, plus I really like my clients and go beyond what required so that we both win.

Reginald K Lewis

Reginald K Lewis

Co-Partner Talent Optimizer

I help HR leaders in Retail and Manufacturing design amazing teams using Talent Optimization, so they spend less time solving their people problems and more time celebrating results. My background is in 20 years in Retail and Manufacturing industries at the management level, hiring, coaching and developing world class leaders.