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Dream Big, Challenge The Norm, Be Legendary With Meraki Consulting | Your Partner In Business – and People – Development

Meraki, from the modern Greek perspective, embodies the passion, creativity, and soul one devotes to any and every task undertaken. Here at Meraki Consulting, we put our heart and soul into every service provided; from our initial discovery session to the delivery of customized solutions.

Our mission is to empower and equip all who are ready to transform and begin leading brilliantly! At Meraki Consulting we understand the time crunch and the need to resolve issues quickly and effectively. We will come to you and deliver the solutions you seek. Our assessments, trainings, coaching calls, and consultations can be delivered in person or virtually. Whether you are in a single location or spread across the globe we can work with you wherever you are.

Team Leaders

Nicole Parker-Beggs

Nicole Parker-Beggs

Founder | CEO | Principal Consultant

Nicole's passion is building organizational systems and developing people to ensure operational excellence across all business functions. She has spent over 25 years in public and private sectors training, developing, educating, and coaching individuals and teams to play to their strengths, achieve their goals, and impact their communities.

Innately curious, her diverse background includes business & economics, science & technology, and industrial-organizational psychology. She enjoys the interplay of psychological theory with economic practice and observes how internal thoughts and drives play out in global markets.

In her pursuit to expand awareness and understanding of complex relationships, she is involved in research and continues to leverage what she learns to set her clients up for success. She believes: On a good day, we win. On a great day, we learn.

She enjoys pushing the boundaries of belief systems and forging new ways to approach the challenges in the world of work. Every organizational problem is a people problem; as such, one must delve into every aspect of the human experience to find the fundamental frequency on which one resonates and help that individual find his or her place in the symphony of life.