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Bilingual (Spanish) : Rebuild Low Trust Relationships in the Workplace; Resolve Conflict; Communication; Engagement

“Executive Lion Tamer”: We work with the big egos in the workplace – C-Level, Surgeons, Attorneys, to stop their toxic behavior and create a workplace where people are joyful, loyal, and committed.

Team Leaders

Maggie Watson

Maggie Watson

Executive Assistant Extraordinaire

Maggie joined our firm as an Executive Assistant to help create an environment of stable growth. Maggie brings over 25 years of professional office management, sales and accounting experience across many industries including executive management consulting, manufacturing and construction.
It’s extremely exciting to have found the perfect fit for my team and for my clients who is now a key part of providing that specialized customer experience we are known for. She is propelling our business forward every day!

Carol Marzouk

Carol Marzouk


Bilingual Behavioral Strategist and Corporate Relationship Coach who has come to be known as the "Executive Lion Tamer®" and "Therapy for Corporate". She is a first generation college graduate who is passionate about helping people managers understand how to reignite the flame in disengaged employees. An expert on Employee Engagement, she is committed to equipping and inspiring leaders and their teams globally, from the Boardroom to the Mail room, who want to improve employee engagement, teamwork, and communication to impact the top and bottom line. She is known for her engaging and enthusiastic style, as well as her practical, real-world, and customized approach.

Carol's positive energy is contagious. When you work with her, you know you're about to tackle your workplace issue with a positive outcome. I met Carol through the California Employer Advisory Council where she now offers a helpline to all members - it's great! Carol helped me personally by understanding how to get the best out of a difficult person. I was able to work with that employee over multiple discussions and I was able to influence them in a direction that served both of us best.

Tisha Snyder - HR Executive

My employees and I recently participated in an all-day group session with Carol and the results were instantaneous. It was the one most eye-opening and rewarding experiences that I have ever had as an employer. Carol’s positive energy, enthusiasm and expertise was exactly as advertised—it was transformative! The education and training that we received as a group on that day was exactly what we needed. It marked the beginning of the creation of a new culture for our firm to which we all committed

Paul Velasco - Owner
Velasco Law Group

Carol Marzouk truly is wonderful at what she does! That is not an exaggeration! Carol Marzouk, the Executive Lion Tamer, is an excellent and insightful coach and Attitude Adjuster who is great at working with conflicts inside the C-Suite. I have personally spoken with many people who have worked with her and they all rave about her. I have seen her speak several times and she has the most remarkable ability to connect with her audience in a way I rarely ever have seen.

Marc Hankin - Owner
Hankin Patent Law