Jamup Jobsites

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About Jamup Jobsites

Jamup Jobsites helps construction companies create high performance jobsites that deliver real results.

Jamup Jobsites delivers training and consulting services to help construction companies execute more successful and profitable projects. The root of this is creating high performance teams teams that work together better and maximize results.

Team Leaders

Ted Grunenwald


20+ years in industrial construction operations. Most recently spent 5 years as President and CEO of a $225M construction company. Began career as a field engineer and progressed to
project manager, vice president and the president. Ted believes deeply in the impact that a well run project team can have; better safety, productivity, and overall better
outcomes for all stakeholders.

Herb Dew


12+ years of human resources leadership. Most recently as a
head of HR for a $225M construction company. Herb is an
expert in applying tools from The Predictive Index to
construction companies. Herb has a passion for coaching people to maximize their