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Customizing solutions by understanding the team members and customers for sustainable business results.

At Core Strategic Solutions, the goal is to get to the heart of team members and customers by understanding roadblocks and creatively developing solutions based on feedback and data. We take a holistic approach to discovery to help connect the dots across the organization and utilize data-driven tools to get the right people in the right seat, at the right time. We support discovery through execution to ensure successful implementation and integration of the plans.

Heidi works with leaders from all different backgrounds and from all different industries. Her critical questions drill into the core of issues and break down barriers in teams to work more effectively and efficiently. Even in a high change environment, Heidi has a proven track record of bringing team members on the journey with them and engaging them in the process.

Team Leaders

Heidi Goettsch

Heidi Goettsch

Strategic Partner | Consultant | Owner

I'm Heidi Goettsch, and I am passionate about helping businesses grow and succeed. With over 20 years of experience in business development, marketing, data & analytics, and employee engagement in a variety of industries and functions, I leverage that experience to serve as a strategic partner for clients across the county.

I am a change agent that balances the customer, team members and company results for optimal growth and success. My diverse business background with both large Fortune 500 companies to small family-owned businesses gives me a broad and well-rounded view and perspective, allowing me to think both strategically and operationally.

In addition, I am a busy mom to three kids, a loving wife, a serving Christian, an active volunteer, and active in sports and in nature. I enjoy using my gifts to serve others. Empowering others to maximize their gifts and live intentionally in their personal and professional life brings me great joy.