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About Connor|Caitlin

Connor|Caitlin was founded on the principle that great business integrates a world-class People Strategy into its core philosophies. Our team delivers Talent, Leadership and Human Capital solutions that meet the ever-changing dynamics of your business.

Team Leaders

Sherry Muczyk

Sherry Muczyk

People Strategist

As People Strategist, Sherry partners with HR and corporate executive leadership to create and align people strategies to business strategies to ensure business success. Sherry’s passion is people. But don’t let that fool you into thinking its “soft”. Sherry has worked with Fortune 500 companies, written and spoke nationally on forecasting the ROI on talent investments. Sherry is a strong coach and partner to ensure your talent is optimized. Sherry has a Masters in Talent Development and various leadership certifications including being a certified Predicitive Index partner.
(People Stratgy|Talent Optimizer|Leadership Development|Coach)

Michael Muczyk

Michael Muczyk

Managing Partner

As Managing Partner of the practice, Michael brings over twenty years experience in Operations, Supply-Chain Management and Human Resource Leadership within the Specialty Coatings, Banking and Consumer Goods Arena’s. Michael, an MBA has led the HR Teams, including staffing and talent management for some of the most complex regulated industry giants in today’s marketplace. A graduate of the McCrystal “Crosslead Program for Executive Leadership” Michael states, “HR leaders must understand the true partnership opportunity that exists in not only speaking the language of business but offering the ROI for its leaders in Human Capital Management.”