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About ClearPath Business Advisors

We believe that business owners should create a healthy, sellable business whether they plan to sell or not.

ClearPath Business Advisors is a multi-faceted, high-end consulting and advisory firm delivering on helping business owners “Build a Healthy, Sellable Business Whether They Plan to Sell or Not.” We see a company’s talent as the through line that connects strategy to results. We firmly believe that a company’s people are key in what helps build a healthy, sellable business, and in turn the healthier a business is the more sellable it is. We have four branches of business at our firm, and the Organizational Health branch is what focuses on the people side of business. To do our best consulting, our Organizational Health services include Organizational Health Assessments, Talent Optimization, Predictive Index, and Recruiting Services.

We are a team of seasoned, multidisciplinary business executives with senior level M&A, finance, operations, sales management, and organizational health expertise. We strive to become a part of our clients’ teams, working closely alongside business owners and their management teams. We have an emphasis on helping private companies, generally ranging from $20M to $200M in revenue, grow in value and performance. ClearPath helps its clients develop and implement growth and exit strategies, including consulting projects and M&A transactions (over 184 closed transactions). In our 21-year history, ClearPath is most proud of the fact that we lead with our core values and seek client relationships, not transactions.

Team Leaders

Ashlynn Harrison-Garcia

Ashlynn Harrison-Garcia

Organizational Health and Recruiting Consultant

Innovative, customer-focused Organizational Health and Recruiting Consultant with 10+ years of experience in Industrial/Organizational (!/O) Psychology and behavior analysis. I thrive on communicating complex scientific research and concepts to audiences with varying levels of knowledge and seniority in order to illustrate how I/O principles can benefit businesses and their employees.

My deepest joy comes from helping others, as evidenced by the bulk of my career spent using creative but data-driven solutions to achieve people-based outcomes. Most recently, my skills have been used to promote organizational development by helping businesses achieve strategic goals via prioritizing their employee experience and using the science of I/O Psychology. I aim to leverage my skillset while making a difference for clients, companies, and my community.

My particular areas of interest in the field of I/O Psychology are employee well-being, engagement, applied positive psychology, motivation, DEI (especially neurodiversity DEI), training, organizational health, burnout, and organizational development.

ClearPath has helped us hire several key people and I appreciate that they take a very different approach from recruiting agencies or headhunters. The ClearPath team sat down with us and asked us insightful questions about what the right person would look like. They went way beyond the job description to get us candidates that fit our core values and not just the job description. I would recommend ClearPath if you’re looking to get the best person for your next position.

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