Clear Lotus Consulting LLC

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About Clear Lotus Consulting LLC

A coaching and management consultancy that helps high-performance leaders and organizations level up in pursuit of their goals.

We transform leaders and teams as they do the “tough stuff” and support them as they optimize their organization for what comes next. Our core services are: Human Capital Alignment and Engagement (including Executive Coaching and Talent Optimization), Business Performance Optimization, and Change Management.

Team Leaders

Brandi Keiser

Brandi Keiser

President & CEO

Founder of Clear Lotus Consulting LLC, Brandi is an accomplished business consultant and two-time start-up COO, small business operational expert, executive coach, writer, wife, and mother. She supports high-performance individuals and organizations to help them overcome the challenges that come with transitions and growth to achieve a more fulfilling future. Described as an emotionally intelligent leader and authentic, thoughtful motivator, she is passionate about helping others in fierce pursuit of their goals.

Brandi has a B.S. in Business and Political Science from the University of Pittsburgh, as well as certificates in Executive Leadership and High-Performance Leadership from Cornell University. In addition, she’s a Master Certified Life Coach (MCLC), Certified Talent Optimization Specialist, and Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence (CMQ/OE).