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About CEO MasterMind

CEOMasterMind.co is a CaaS (consulting as a service) brand, strategy, and management consultancy, with a focus on scaling companies predictably in any market condition solving strategic & team challenges using F500 experience, science, and technology.

With offices in Toronto, Canada and Reno, Nevada, CEOMastermind.co is a resultant focussed organization serving North America. Our leaders are trained in Fortune 500 (F500) companies and have re-imagined the Fortune 500 processes, tools, and methods to help organizations of all sizes achieve their dream of impact on the world. We only serve ambitious, heart-driven leaders who want to achieve a level of happiness and fulfillment both in themselves and the teams they lead. Ultimately, we implement our proprietary CAMR Operating System (Clarity, Accountability, Momentum, Results) to help our customers achieve world-class KPIs in sales, marketing, and financial metrics, and lastly, highly engaged teams with enviable NPS scores.

Team Leaders

Davide Viola

Davide Viola


Fortune 500 trained expert strategist and executive enabling start-ups to billion-dollar brands to differentiate, compete, grow and scale predictably in any market condition. Leveraging Fortune 500 experience, machine learning technology, and science to achieve world-class results.