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About Blank Canvas

Blank Canvas is about Leader and Team Development, as well as career coaching.

I combine my Clinical Psychology skills with my Organizational Psychology skills to help leaders lead more effectively and teams function more effectively.

Team Leaders

Mary Jo Baweja, MA, LLP


Mary Jo Baweja, MA, LLP is an Organizational Psychologist as well as Clinical Psychologist with a great deal of expertise in the mental health field. With over 20 years as a coach and consultant she has honed her leadership development skills. Mary Jo’s expertise ranges from fundamental leadership development, employee selection and development, behavioral assessment, team building, career coaching and workplace relationships. In combining her work as a Clinical Psychologist with Organizational Psychology, Mary Jo brings a unique perspective. She can quickly assess the workplace relationships and help all involved learn to work together more effectively.
Mary Jo has experience in several psychometric assessments from both the clinical and organizational side. She has worked extensively with the DiSC, Birkman, and Predictive Index. She is a Predictive Index Certified Partner.
When not working to help organizations and individuals achieve lasting change, Mary Jo enjoys spending time with her husband and adult children, photography, bike riding and hiking.