Avenir Holdings Pte. Ltd.

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About Avenir Holdings Pte. Ltd.

Our +25 years of practical executive management experience in MNCs worldwide - we provide breadth and depth on strategic issues.

Clients use Avenir to great effect whether it is to:
• putting the right people into the right position
• developing and retaining talent
• accelerate the on-boarding of a new CEO
• accelerate an IPO launch
• design and implement effective right-sizing etc.
• accelerate implementation of change and strategy
• establish a realistic ambition level and speed to ensure that change and initiatives become self-sustainable.
Using highly validated diagnostic tools.

Team Leaders

Eithne Kennedy MBA

Eithne Kennedy MBA

CO-Owner and CEO Avenir Holdings Pte Ltd

A decade of international corporate senior management experience prior. Member INSEAD alumni. Author of ‘Smart Management’. Co-chair, speaker, moderator at global business conferences e.g. World Economic Forum summits.

Tommy Bartshukoff

Tommy Bartshukoff

Chairman - Co-Owner of Avenir Holdings Pte Ltd

30 years’ international career as CEO and Group Management Member within multi-national companies in different industries around the world. Author and conference speaker. Highly appreciated adviser to company owners worldwide.

Avenir’s process is fast, focused and cost-effective – with minimal disruption to the organization.

Lars Vang Christensen - CEO

Avenir is making intangibles tangible

Klaus Nyborg - CEO

Without PI I am flying blind

Bjoern Hoygaard - CEO