Perspectives: Charge What You’re Worth

How to pitch your premium services to clients

As a consultant, you strive to build great relationships and provide world-class value. Unfortunately, this mindset often comes at a cost. If you always put clients and prospects first, you risk selling yourself short—mentally and financially.

Consulting isn’t a zero-sum game. Supporting your clients doesn’t have to come at the expense of your income, your happiness, or your health. By knowing your worth, you become much better positioned to articulate that expertise and take client relationships to the next level.

Listen to this panel discussion on how to charge what you’re worth. We’ll cover:

  • Why consultants undersell themselves
  • How to properly value your services
  • Ways to implement a pricing increase
  • Tips to build your credibility and brand


LaurieGrace Bouldin
Founder & CEO, Rethink Results LLC
Caroline Nuttall
Author & Senior Consultant, Oliver Group
Olivier Aires
Co-Founder, The Thrive Collective
Matt Poepsel, PhD
VP of Professional Services, The Predictive Index

Hema Crockett, she/her

Co-Founder, Gig Talent

Jackie Dube, she/her

SVP of People Operations

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