Person Page Overview

In The Predictive Index solution, the Person Page is where all information on an assessment taker is stored. Every person who completes a Behavioral Assessment will have a Person Page. You can view their assessment results, download reports and update the assessment taker’s information.

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Reference Profiles

Every person who takes the Behavioral Assessment is automatically assigned a reference profile. After decades of conducting Behavioral Assessments and analyzing millions of behavioral patterns in our database, we’ve identified 17 Reference Profiles which provide a shortcut for understanding the behaviors and needs that drive your people. Reference Profiles give you a quick way to tell…

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PI Foundations

During the interactive experiences below, you’ll learn the four factors that drive workplace behavior, how those factors work in combination with each other, and the pattern they create to accurately describe a candidate or employee. Each section ends with a brief quiz.  Requires soundApproximate time: 30 minutes Next, you’ll see how unique behavioral profiles are grouped…

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