The Predictive Index Launches PI Insights


New management tools help demystify workplace behaviors

Westwood, MA – August 11, 2016 – The Predictive Index (PI), a company that empowers businesses to realize what drives workplace behaviors, announced today the launch of PI Insights. This growing collection of tools allows managers and employees to easily understand workplace behaviors, be more self-aware, work better together, and make everyday workplace interaction more purposeful.

“We launched PI Insights to help organizations better understand the ‘people’ part of their businesses,” said Matt Poepsel, PhD, Vice President of Product. “Human interaction in the workplace can be challenging, and these new reports focus on the importance of self-awareness while also providing constant reminders about how to best interact with co-workers. The ultimate result is better alignment between a client’s people strategy and their business strategy.”

Officially launching today, PI Insights provide a deeper look into individuals’ behaviors and work styles through visual aids. Usually, communication between co-workers and departments does not come naturally. Companies can now excel in this area through the use of PI Insights reports, which are intended to be printed and shared throughout the organization. Whether it is being more aware of your own behavioral tendencies or learning how your co-workers prefer to communicate, these management tools give your employees actionable ways to improve their day-to-day performance and interactions at the office.

Some key features include:

  • The PI Placard™ – Take the guesswork out of how to interact with co-workers. The Placard displays a person’s PI Behavioral Pattern with key characteristics that the individual is likely to demonstrate in the workplace. Employees can display the Placard outside their office space to give co-workers tips on how to best interact with them; reducing time spent wondering how to best approach teammates and encouraging stronger work relationships.
  • The PI Personal Development Chart™ – A report that puts your behavioral drives and needs front and center so you can better understand who you are and your opportunities for personal development. The Personal Development Chart also provides likely strengths, cautions, and self-coaching tips for the individual to be more productive in his or her work environment.

“PI Insights give our PI Champions new ways to make The Predictive Index more tangible for executives, managers and employees,” said Daniel Muzquiz, President of The Predictive Index. “Our most successful clients use PI heavily to inspire their teams post-hire. These reports make it substantially easier for more people to benefit from PI through a thoughtful approach to the human dynamics that drive business performance.”

For additional details about the benefits of PI Insights, register for PI’s upcoming live webinar “The missing link: What’s keeping your business from reaching its full potential?” taking place Tuesday, August 23, 2016 at 2:00 p.m. ET. Join this live session and learn more about:

  • The negative consequences of operating with “business blinders”
  • How a new collection of PI Insights reports maximize personal discovery and interpersonal effectiveness
  • How to ensure that all levels of your organization have the information they need to collaborate, execute, and thrive

Webinar participants will see real-world examples of PI Insights and learn how they can quickly and easily deploy these productivity and engagement tools in their organizations.

You can also visit the PI Product Blog to learn more about the benefits of PI Insights.