The Predictive Index Helps Build a More Gender-Balanced World on International Women’s Day (and Every Day)

Talent Optimization Leader Celebrates Its Women Leaders at Every Level, Reports 45% of Employees are Women—Nearly Double the Industry Average, Names Two Women to Board

BOSTON, Mass March 8, 2019 International Women’s Day occurs every year on March 8th to raise awareness for women’s equality and commemorate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. While women have made great strides making up more than half of the U.S. workforce, only about 25% of the Technology field is occupied by women (NCWIT). The Predictive Index (PI), a technology company and leader in talent optimization, today reports 45% of its employees are women, nearly double the industry average.

“The beauty of the PI platform is that it enables companies to objectively match the right person to the job; gender and ethnicity are irrelevant when looking for the best person,” said Senior Vice President of Client Operations at The Predictive Index, Maribel Olvera. “Successfully leading a team is only possible when natural behaviors, values, and expertise—not your gender—are the drivers for success. I thrive at PI thanks to the company’s commitment to diversity and equal development opportunities for all members of the organization.”

“The growth trajectory that PI is on provides an incredible opportunity for women in leadership roles, both current leaders and those grooming to become leaders,” said Senior Research Consultant at The Predictive Index, Lisa Black. “I’ve been at PI less than a year, and many women within the organization have been promoted so that they now manage teams. In fact, nearly 30% of people managers at PI are women, and that number is growing!”

Also breaking with industry norms, while seven in 10 tech startups in the U.S. have no women on their board of directors (Silicon Valley Bank), The Predictive Index has two women on its board: Managing Director at General Catalyst, Holly Maloney and Executive in Residence at General Catalyst, Kirk Arnold.

“PI cuts across all manner of protected classes; it measures motivating needs that are present in all people irrespective of race, religion, sexual orientation, and gender,” said Certified Partner at the Predictive Index & President of ADVISA Heather Haas. “For that reason, organizations who implement PI are more objectively equipped to identify and proactively nurture latent leadership potential across their organization.”

“Our mission at PI is ‘better work, better world’ and that means creating a better workplace for everyone: women, minorities, LGBTQ, men, everyone,” said Head of Brand and Communications at The Predictive Index, Jennifer Moebius. “There’s no doubt that PI walks the walk, but there is still so much work to be done at large! For instance, only 11% of executive positions are held by women at Silicon Valley companies. I’m proud to be part of an organization with hiring practices based on objective people data, and one that deliberately fosters diversity and inclusion.”

“I can’t say enough about how empowered I am at PI to be myself,” said Client Marketing Manager at The Predictive Index, Danielle Dawkins. “At previous companies, my personality was billed as “aggressive” or “assertive,” but leaders at PI see my personality as something to be championed—not squelched.”

For more thoughts from PI partners and leaders on how we can support women leaders at every level, visit Celebrating International Women’s Day at PI and Overcoming Gender Disparity in the Workplace.

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