Man vs. machine: Did recruitment technology lose its humanity?


Check out HR Dive’s recent article “Man vs. machine: Did recruitment technology lose its humanity?” with quotes from our very own Matt Poepsel, PhD, Vice President of Product Management. 

Potential recruits, particularly millennials, behave like consumers when hunting for a job, so employers must have awareness of their brand now more than ever, Poepsel told HR Dive. Social media presence is only the beginning of such branding.

“What I see when I work with our clients is the importance of having the brand defined rather than told to you,” he said. “You must be purposeful about it.”

But though recruitment technology (for both candidates and employers) has enabled more precise connection to passive candidates that are actually willing to leave their companies, the same tech gets in the way of the very purpose it set out to do, leading to what Poepsel calls “a tech enabled war.” Candidates and recruiters both use their respective technologies to weed each other out, until both sides are buried in a “mountain of teching up.”

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