What CEOs really want from consultants

In January of 2019, The Predictive Index surveyed 156 CEOs, presidents, and chairpeople. We asked about their top priorities and challenges; where they turn for help on key business issues; and their perspectives on strategy, management, and talent consultants.

This report provides knowledge and insights into CEO perceptions. As the saying goes, knowledge is power—particularly in the world of consulting.

You’ll discover:

  • CEOs’ top priorities, challenges, and anxieties
  • What CEOs at high-performing companies do differently
  • CEOs’ biggest weaknesses—and what else they’re secretly thinking
  • Insights on CEO salaries, working hours, and hobbies

We’ve broken the report into three sections:

  1. For CEOs, strategy and people come first… and then there’s everything else.
  2. CEOs are looking for more than just traditional management consulting.
  3. CEOs are shifting away from expensive, customized consulting projects.
  4. Survey methodology

Each section contains a series of findings and “consultant takeaways.”

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