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    Automatically request assessments during the application or a later stage and then store results within the Jobvite.

    Joynd offers a standard, near real-time integration from Jobvite to Predictive Index (PI) platform Behavioral and Cognitive assessments. You can configure Job Requisitions to automatically request the assessment for candidates during the application process or when candidates move into a workflow step, or you can initiate an assessment request for a specific candidate.


    • Behavioral
    • Cognitive


    • Behavioral Report Status and Results
    • Behavioral Report PDF
    • Cognitive Report Status and Results
    • Cognitive Report PDF
    • Job Match Scores
    • Link to PI Person Page
    • Interview Guide PDF


    • Automatically re-direct your candidates to PI to complete their assessment during the application process. PI will re-direct the candidate back to Jobvite after completion of the assessment.
    • Request a PI assessment on a candidate-by-candidate basis using moving into a workflow step.
    • Upon completion of the assessment, a report link and scores can be updated into Jobvite, or the report can be attached as a PDF.
    • Management Style and Influencing Style information can be made available in the Behavioral report returned to the Jobvite.
    • If using PI Job Targets assigned to a Job Requisitions, then PI Job Match/Fit Scores will be brought into the Jobvite.
    • The integration will detect whether a candidate has already completed the PI assessment for your company and will return the candidate’s previously completed PI assessment results.


    • One-time Joynd Setup Fee
    • Annual Joynd Maintenance Fee
    • Joynd Fees calculated based on PI subscription size

    Languages Supported

    • English
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