Talent Management


    Assess candidates from Profile and view PI pattern image with links to report and person details

    ClearCompany has constructed a built-in integration with The Predictive Index, enabling users to order a Behavioral assessment directly from the Candidate Profile view using Action > Initiate Assessment.

    Upon completion, recruiting users can view pattern graph images from within ClearCompany and access the full report through links to The Predictive Index. Following links to open a PDF report or view other content requires a PI software login.

    To obtain this integration, contact your ClearCompany Customer Success Manager and arrange for the add-on agreement and fee.

    Then go into the PI software to Generate an API Key that you can provide to ClearCompany support.


    • Behavioral


    • Behavioral Pattern Image
    • Link to Behavioral Report PDF
    • Link to PI Person Page


    • Order assessments directly from the Candidate Profile view using the Action > Initiate Assessment
    • Assessments are linked to Candidates so one assessment is accessible to more than one job application
    • View the Behavioral assessment results as a pattern graph image directly in ClearCompany software
    • Follow a link to Behavioral Report PDF
    • Follow a link to the PI Person Page where you can view all related content and reports for the individual
    • Access to PDF report and other content requires logging in to the PI software


    • ClearCompany charges an annual maintenance fee for this integration
    • Fee is variable according to subscription size

    Languages Supported

    • English
    • Any