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Building a high-performance culture

Just because you have a clear vision doesn’t always lead to a high-performing culture, although it does help. Before building your culture, you first need to take into account the current culture. Do you already promote strong leadership principles, employee development, etc.? If so, what areas need the most improvement? Don’t try to tackle all…

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Creating and sharing a vision

Whether you’re looking to make a shift in your existing culture or build one for the first time, you need to start with a vision. What is your organization trying to achieve, and how do you want you and your employees to interpret the work to be done? Let’s say you want to be the…

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What is a high-performance culture?

Organizational culture represents your business’s core values, rewarded behaviors, and, ultimately, performance drivers. Culture is a result of deliberate, intentional action, so you’ll need to make sure you take calculated measures to build your culture in a way that benefits your organization. But what does it mean to have a culture that promotes high performance?…

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