Maximum Velocity!
Achieved through science, technology, and knowledge transfer.


We apply the perfect amount of validated science to deliver the fastest assessment experience while still providing huge impact! It's like fueling your rocket engine with high-grade rocket propellant without having to wear a hazmat suit.



Administer assessments, pull reports, analyze behavioral patterns of candidates, employees, or teams, and geek out with gobs of data from across your organization with our super-easy software. It's like having all the buttons, valves, and switches at your finger tips and knowing how to use them.

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Get PI certified and educate leaders and managers from across your organization with our instructor-led management workshops. Receive training, certification, and consult from our PI Certified Partners (okay, you can call them Rocket Scientists) who will help you every step of the way.



Once you have people in your business speaking PI, you'll be speeding toward your objective faster than you ever thought possible. How's that for maximum velocity?

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