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  • Access relationship insights for any two people

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Take the 6-minute PI Behavioral Assessment
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What is the PI Behavioral Assessment?

Just like other assessments, the PI Behavioral Assessment gives you a deep understanding of an individual’s strengths, caution areas, and needs at work. But most assessments take too long to complete, are difficult to understand, and don’t lead to meaningful action. 

That’s where PI is different. Ours takes only 6 minutes, provides insights anyone can understand, and tells you exactly how to apply the learnings in your day-to-day. This means our 10,000+ customers have no problem rolling it out and getting results right away. Try it for free now—on yourself and your team—and see how thousands of teams are using PI to turn their talent into their competitive advantage.

How does PI Inspire elevate your leadership skills?

By taking the free PI Behavioral Assessment, you'll also get access to PI Inspire for free—which gives both new and seasoned managers the tools to be their best every day.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of who you are at work, in 5 minutes

Give your employees shockingly accurate insight into their strengths, caution areas, drives, and needs at work—so they can perform at their best. The PI Behavioral Assessment has been taken more than 37 million times and gone through 380+ scientific validity studies. And it only takes 5 minutes to complete.

Know exactly how to manage and motivate each direct report, in 1/10th of the time

PI gives you—and your employees—the ability to empathize and understand each other—instantly. Every employee you add gets science-backed insights on how they are wired to think, work, communicate, and make decisions. With this awareness, you’ll build a culture of respect, trust, and collaboration like never before.

End toxic, time-consuming people problems using powerful relationship tips

Get objective relationship traits, cautions, and tips that help any two employees manage and avoid conflict based on their behavioral profiles. Build relationships that drive impact across your company through shared understanding.

Become an outstanding leader with smarter, in-the-moment guidance

Get expert-backed advice on handling tough situations in the moment around how to coach an employee, resolve a conflict, improve a relationship, and more.

Personalize your approach to coaching, developing, and motivating each of your direct reports

Have you ever had a manager you just clicked with? PI Inspire gives your managers spot-on insights to manage each report based on how they work best—so you motivate and retain your people.

Have productive growth conversations that move your team forward

A team is only as productive as its people. With PI, managers can understand any employee instantly, so they can lead them effectively. Cut down on months of relationship building, and help employees bring their best selves to work each day.

Get more for free with PI Inspire

Everything you need to empower your team and develop your people

Inspire Overview

Personalized leadership development software that elevates your
whole team—powered by the leading behavioral assessment


years of science

37.5 million

assessments administered


validity studies completed

Development just got (very) personal

Most providers claim to be personalized, but they don’t understand the person, so recommendations remain stale and generic. PI is different. It understands why each direct report behaves the way they do—then gives science-backed development for each individual—so managers know what to say, and employees know how to grow.

Engaged companies have:

23% higher profitability

43% lower turnover

66% higher well-being