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About Your Healthy Reality

We are Corporate Life Coaches with executive level Human Resources experiences, helping organizations design a business strategy and people strategy that will deliver a positive work company culture.

Is your organization lacking the people strategy needed to accomplish your business strategic goals?

Your Healthy Reality coaches will help analyze your existing strategies and practices, align your people strategy with your business strategy, and coach you through developing a positive work culture.

We do this by (1) helping your leaders pinpoint the true cause of the business’s talent gaps. (2) Design your organizational structure, senior leadership team, and company culture intentionally—and ensure all three are in alignment with your business strategy. (3) Improve your hiring outcomes by following a prescriptive plan for defining the job.

Partnering with us will protect your organization against the 4 forces of disengagement through one of our valued services:
1. Business Strategy Design
2. Talent Optimization
3. Culture Development
4. Leadership Coaching

Contact us to design strategically and hire smart!

Team Leaders

Char Newell, sHRBP, CCLC

Char Newell, sHRBP, CCLC

Chief Corporate Life Coach

Char have spent 15 years of her career as a Human Resources Executive for organizations on a National scale. She has successfully completed hundreds of high-volume mergers & acquisitions, transformed broken cultures, taught organizations how to rebrand their image by using one very important resource, their PEOPLE.

Char have mastered the art of taking your business goals, creating viable plans, executing them strategically and ultimately turning those goals into true bottom line success. As a Human Resources Executive, she understands the importance of advocacy, and she makes it her responsibility to advocate the best course of action to achieve the desired business goals.

In addition to her wealth of organizational development knowledge, she is a Contributor for Forbes HR Council, have won an award for Strategic Vision & Innovation in Human Resources, and received a proclamation from Congresswomen Yvette Clarke honoring her community work. Char is a Certified Corporate Life Coach (CCLC), Certified Relationship Consultant (CRC), Certified HR Business Partner (sHRBP), Certified Holistic Wellness Practitioner (CHWP), and Certified Talent Optimization Consultant.

Lastly, you can get intimately involved with her mind through her book: The Yellow Weed: How to Recognize and Embrace the Process Before the Blessings.

My team took the ”Blue Print to Your Success,” development course and it was a GAME CHANGER! Char has a passion for developing people and natural knack for leadership. She comes with a wealth of industry knowledge and gives you clear actionable items for becoming a better leader and achieving your goals. Char also focuses on creating habits and changing mindsets to help you achieve success in every area of your life. It is rare to find a professional trainer who can inspire while she trains.

Stephanie Alfonso - Director of Talent Acquisition

Char and the team, from Your Healthy Reality, provided corporate life coaching services for one of my clients who is experiencing tremendous growth at a rapid pace. Whether the change is good or bad, you can never predict how employees will interpret this change. In this scenario it became a disruption to the organization. With Char’s training and coaching, I am seeing stability, engaged, and productive employees again. I highly recommend the culture development program.

Antonia Christian - Co-Founder & President