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About MindWire

We predict and enhance the performance of your people. MEASURABLY. We’re the Workforce Analytics firm with extensive real world leadership expertise and the best science, tools and data on the planet.

We help Clients:
Get the right people in the right seats.
Fix Sales.
Fix Leadership.
Fix Strategy.
We believe in being the Anti-Consultants, using robust knowledge transfer to help you build real expertise and working with you every step of the way with over 100 years of C-Level leadership expertise.

Team Leaders

Tom Riggs

Tom Riggs


CEO of MindWire with 20+ years of experience leading teams as a C-Suite Leader in Operations, HR, and Marketing. Named "Global Rookie of the Year" by PI, setting all time record for first year. Passionate about helping leaders & organizations.

Jerry Rutter

Jerry Rutter


An experienced executive with passion for people. A PI client for seven years, has worked in HR, Sales, Operations, and Talent Management. "I love getting to wake up everyone morning & help people become better leaders and thwart workplace dread."

Hero Frenzel

Hero Frenzel

Client Services Manger & Marketing Coordinator

Bachelor's in Communication Studies and experience in training and development. Passionate about helping others be the best they can be and adding a light of positivity to the workplace.

The partnership and support we’ve received from MindWire has been remarkable. Rarely, if ever, have we had this level of engagement from a business partner.

Patrick O'Hara - Chief Quality and Compliance Officer