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About Lavan Financial Group

We partner with leaders to unlock value through organizational health helping companies reach peak performance

Time is the only resource that can never be replenished. People care about how they spend their time, and what they do at work. We strongly respect that reality and exist to help businesses harness the passion, creativity, and energy of their people towards aligned goals, working together to deliver on a company vision. We believe that when all the resources of a business are channeled in the same direction, great things happen. The path we travel to achieve this is called strategy.


Grow in full alignment
Planning and executing a business strategy is not complex. But it is hard. It’s hard because it forces people and organizations to make specific choices about their future – something that doesn’t happen in most companies.

Without a clear picture of organizational health, and an evidence-based understanding of the business status quo it’s not possible to achieve the performance desired.

Through dialogue and diagnostics, we assist owners and leadership teams as they clarify aspirations, think about where they will play, how to win and what capabilities and systems they need – We align talent and business strategy.


Encourage leaders. Extract value. Enrich communities.
We work relentlessly to build stronger companies, led by bold leaders, for better communities.

How do we achieve this? By diagnosing problems, creating strategies, and guiding companies to optimum health. Because healthy organizations get smarter and outperform their competitors.

Team Leaders

Andrea Sotgiu

Managing Director

Highly accomplished, resourceful, and seasoned executive with 25+ years’ experience in leading full-spectrum business operations and driving business development initiatives for startups to multibillion-dollar institutions. Andrea is a robust strategist with competitive knowledge and experience across c-suite roles, and deep expertise in product enhancement, market optimization, process improvement, and risk mitigation. An expert in developing actionable sales strategies, identifying and capitalizing on new market opportunities, and driving business units towards sustainable positions. As a leader Andrea is Instrumental in driving collaborative efforts, building cohesive high performing teams and aligning talent and business strategy to optimize organizational performance - Reputed for developing productive relationships with strategic business partners, key customers, and cross-functional leaders. Repeated success in achieving year-over-year growth by guiding cross-functional teams, implementing innovative marketing solutions, and leveraging comprehensive knowledge of products, services, competitors, and markets.

“Trustworthy, Professional, Reliable and Hard Working. A true advocate for our organization. Lavan went above and beyond to work for our company and saved nearly 1300+ jobs nationwide. They have a true understanding of business and financial operations. The best advisory organization that we have ever worked with. The challenges seemed insurmountable at times however LFG was a solid rock to count on”

Sean Slattery - BBB Testimonial