Amanda Laden International

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About Amanda Laden International

We work with fast-moving organizations and companies experiencing change, to help them identify their real people problems and implement solutions to allow their people and teams to thrive.

We are on a mission to work with organizations who believe that their people are their number one asset, and their culture speaks volumes about who they are and what they put into the world. We help conscientious companies build cohesive teams, engage their leaders, create inclusive cultures, develop diverse workforces, and retain top talent through creative and robust strategies for the modern workforce.

Team Leaders

Alyssa Zonghetti

Alyssa Zonghetti

Business Manager

Alyssa Zonghetti serves as Business Manager for Amanda Laden International. She has over 15 years of professional experience, and enjoys partnering with businesses to efficiently and effectively execute their sales and marketing objectives. She has spent the majority of her career within the Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industries, gaining extensive experience in Event Management and Marketing, Sales Support, Project Management and Social Media Development.

Hazel Butters

Hazel Butters

Sales Coach

Hazel is a sales coach that works with entrepreneurs, startups, corporations and government agencies. She provides coaching and training to teams that need to re-focus their sales strategies, or deploy effective, real-world sales tactics to increase sales and to create useable sales tools such as sales playbooks, sales audits, competitor battlecards and sales maps. More than 800 entrepreneurs have been through Hazel's 'Pick Up The Phone' workshops, and her 'Draft & Drill’ workshops are regularl