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About Acquence

Sustainable Change. Meaningful Impact.

A strategy consultancy with representation in North and Latin America, the UAE, and North Africa. Our primary focus is facilitating organizational design and culture alignment to enable innovation, increase resilience and optimize the execution of your strategic goals.

Team Leaders

Nihad E. Karabernou

Nihad E. Karabernou

Founder, CEO, Board Member, Fortune 500 Advisor, Speaker, Culture Champion, Strategy Consultant

- Culture champion and world explorer - 06 continents
- Expat - Fortune 500 companies
- Trusted advisor to various organizations in 20+ countries on five continents

277+ Business transformation projects and turnarounds for clients with 5,000-45,000 employees and 1-65 US Billion in sales

Marisa S. Fee

Marisa S. Fee

Entrepreneur, COO, Program Manager, Business Transformation Consultant, and our representative in the United Arab Emirates

- Culture champion and world explorer
- Expat – Start-ups
- Trusted advisor to various organizations

Ashley M. Comeaux

Ashley M. Comeaux

Entrepreneur, Sales and Growth Strategy, Designer, Business Transformation Consultant

- Successful entrepreneur and writer
- Designer and Houston foodie
- Traveler, lefty - wife & mom of one

Richard J. Torres

Richard J. Torres

Growth Focused Senior Executive, Brigadier General (R)

- Executive Advisor and Inc 5000 Leader
- Strategy expert - Government & Military
- Culture Champion – 05 continents
- Single Engine Helicopter Pilot

“Nihad is phenomenal in her approach to coaching and behavioural change. She takes the time to learn about the realities of her client’s work lives, listens to their aspirations and frustrations, and stays open and curious about what might be possible. Instead of compelling me into a standard model, she created one that was unique and aligned with my drives and needs. I highly recommend Nihad.”

Sujata Duggal - People and Culture Manager - The People & Culture Team was named Canadian HR team of the year in September 2023.
Refrigerative Supply Limited.

“Nihad is a bright, intelligent business leader with an international perspective. She articulates facets of business and culture that are not normally seen by others. Her track record of solving challenges aligns with her experience in different verticals-- finance, management, human resources and business culture. I find our interaction has expanded my view further and allowed me to consider things I would not have without her counsel. She is patient and is a world-class communicator”

Joe Frankie III - CEO, Board Member; Co-Author, LinkedIn: The 5-Minute Drill; Mentor; Speaker; US Army Colonel (Retired)
Panzura LLC

“Nihad is very knowledgeable, has excellent communication skills and meets her deliverables it’s a pleasure to work with her”

Diana Smiehorowski - Finance Manager, SOX Compliance
Johnson Johnson & Johnson Robotics and Digital Solutions.