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We create organizational magic by defining, designing, and developing high performing teams, so leaders can stay laser-focused on growing their business.

We bring data and science to hiring. With the right information and a clear people strategy, team design becomes an exciting process of finding the right people and making sure they are in the right seats. It’s our secret sauce and we are happy to share it with you!

However, this process doesn’t happen by accident. We work with leaders who are very thoughtful and intentional when building or adding a member to an existing team. By first identifying key candidate qualities for each position, the recruiting and interviewing processes can be tailored to attract and retain the best people for your team!

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Nancy Disbrow

Nancy Disbrow


I’m Nancy Disbrow, the person behind 3D HR. As a former HR Executive, I love all things related to People Leadership. I have a Business Management degree from California State - Dominguez Hills, where I completed the Air Force ROTC leadership program and commissioned into the US Air Force as a Manpower Officer.

Over the past 20+ years, I have led People Operations and Human Resources Teams within multiple industries with Organizational Development as my primary focus. My favorite part of HR has always been partnering with C-Level Executives and Senior Leadership Teams to build high-performing teams. Solving the “people puzzle” ( right person, right seat, right culture) - is what I live for.

I created 3D HR , to offer realistic, proactive, and data-driven Organizational Development solutions to small and mid-sized organizations. I understand how painful it can be to spend large amounts of time and energy hiring, only to find out the person wasn’t the right fit. It’s exhausting!

I help senior leaders build high-performing teams based on the strategies and principles I have learned over my career. Much like a sports team evaluating their next recruit, they no longer have to rely on a “gut feeling” - this is a game changer.

With a strong focus on data-driven decisions, leaders remove underlying biases, increase diversity among teams and create well balanced groups who are strategically aligned to support the vision of the organization.

I truly love what I do and the difference I make everyday. I am passionate about helping grow my clients business and developing their people strategy, this is my version of fun.