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About 1 Degree Consulting Group LLC

1 Degree Consulting Group provides customizable coaching and consulting solutions and the essential skills that enable people and organizations to achieve game-changing results.

Learn to build your greatest moments with 1-Degree Intentional Practice. It’s an adaptive strategic process that combines data science with performance goals to guide the development of intentional actions for high-impact results. What differentiates our approach is that we break down the change factors that will drive success into 1-degree commitments — creating step-by-step actions that are manageable, scalable, and move you forward. With a proven playbook of tools and tactics, we help you assess and improve your agility to become the driving force of game-changing transformation.

Team Leaders

Brian Yoshioka

Brian Yoshioka

Chief Results Officer

Brian has over 20 years of experience working with and for fortune 500 companies in a variety of sales, leadership, and consulting roles. Brian’s true passion is coaching, and he approaches each client engagement as an opportunity to leave someone in a better place than when they started.

Brian leverages his athletic background and professional experience to help you create the movement necessary to achieve game-changing personal and professional results. Brian believes that organizational change starts with individuals acknowledging their personal need to change. Brian will help you create the self-awareness to ask yourself “How can I show up differently?”

Brian’s solid experience in developing and delivering sales training and leadership programs has proven invaluable to clients. In addition, his expertise in leadership development and building high performing cultures creates a highly agile and engaged workforce.