The Predictive Index Partners With Nonprofit Wall Street Bound to Create More Objective Hiring Processes and Increase Diverse Hires

BOSTON — Oct 14, 2020 The Predictive Index (PI), the leader in talent optimization, today announced its partnership with Wall Street Bound. A New York City-based nonprofit, Wall Street Bound recruits, trains, and mentors urban youth for careers in financial services and proprietary trading.

Through PI tools, including the PI Behavioral Assessment, Wall Street Bound looks to enhance its recruiting efforts and connect diverse candidates with the right job and internship opportunities. PI will also enable the organization to coach talent based on their behavioral drives, while developing their strengths and broadening their emotional and “soft” skill sets.

Mike Zani, CEO of The Predictive Index, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership. “At PI, we believe talent optimization will allow organizations to fulfill the mission of ‘Better Work, Better World,’ and equitable work is fundamental to that mission. Our partnership with Wall Street Bound will help advance these ideals in entirely new talent spaces.” 

Troy Prince, Founder & CEO of Wall Street Bound, shared Zani’s excitement. “PI helps me set these young people up for success, not failure. It gives me the tools to anticipate job fit, put the right people in the right roles, and show the world what we know to be true: Diversity drives business success.”

Prince continued, “With candidate behavioral fit and other people data in hand, we can now work with our corporate partners to create more objective recruitment and hiring processes that will naturally result in an increase in diverse hires.”

Facilitating the partnership is Nicole Smart, Diversity & Inclusion Principal Consultant at Smart EDI Solutions LLC. A PI Certified Partner and talent optimization consultant, Smart will support Wall Street Bound in using PI’s tools to achieve its objectives and increase opportunities for underrepresented groups.

“PI helps create a level playing field for candidates,” noted Smart. “Its talent optimization platform mitigates bias by promoting behavioral assessment tools and encouraging a holistic approach to hiring diverse talent.”


About Wall Street Bound

Wall Street Bound was founded by Troy Prince, a former institutional equity trader with more than 20 years of experience on Wall Street. Looking to address the lack of diversity in finance and increase minority participation in capital markets, Prince saw a large opportunity to expose, mentor, and train urban college talent for front office roles on Wall Street. 

Wall Street Bound develops talent through three core programs: Introduction to Wall Street Bootcamp, a 25-hour program introducing participants to the capital markets, asset classes, finance technical skills, and career paths; Wall Street Direct, an intensive course that builds upon the concepts in Bootcamp to provide candidates with the training needed to secure competitive summer internships; and the Diverse Trader Training Program, a virtual Foreign Exchange (FX) and Stock/Option professional trader development program that provides selected participants with access to live trading capital. Trainees start off with $25,000 trading accounts and, over the course of the one-year program, are expected to “graduate” up to $250,000, while keeping 70% to 80% of the profits they generate. Learn more at https://wallstreetbound.org/


About The Predictive Index

The Predictive Index (PI) is an award-winning talent optimization platform that aligns business strategy with people strategy for optimal business results. Over sixty years of proven science, software, and a curriculum of insightful management workshops make PI the solution for any company looking to design great teams and culture, make objective hiring decisions, foster engagement, and inspire greatness in their people anywhere in the world. More than 8,000 clients and 400+ partners use PI—including Nissan, Citizens Bank, DocuSign, Subway, 47 Brand, FAM Brands, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Omni Hotels—across 140+ countries. Learn more at https://www.predictiveindex.com/.


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Jennifer Moebius
VP of Marketing
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