New Guide Helps Businesses Lead Through the Economic Downturn and Emerge Stronger with Talent Optimization

The Predictive Index Releases Guide and Launches New Virtual Programs to Empower Businesses to Adapt to Change, Be Agile and Resilient

BOSTON, MA – March 25, 2020 – To help businesses lead through the current downturn, The Predictive Index (PI) today launched a comprehensive guide—Surviving an Economic Downturn with Talent Optimization—that empowers leaders to adapt to change, and lead through turbulent times. To meet remote workforce demands and bolster leadership skills during times of economic uncertainty, PI also released a new virtual workshop—Inspire People to Perform.

“Having led through the 2008/2009 recession, I know first-hand that the hardest thing to do is to make decisions in times of uncertainty, when people need real leadership,” said Mike Zani, CEO of The Predictive Index. “As business leaders go forward and make drastic changes to position their organizations for stability, we want to be sure they have the confidence and resources needed to tackle those challenges head on.”

Surviving an Economic Downturn with Talent Optimization

The guide to Surviving an Economic Downturn With Talent Optimization equips business leaders with the expert knowledge needed to solve five major challenges facing businesses today: reduction in spending and demand, uncertainty and fear, remote work, and supply and infrastructure disruption. The guide leverages the four aptitudes of talent optimization–Design, Inspire, Diagnose, and Hire–as a framework to empower business leaders seeking to enhance business agility and resilience. 

Get the guide at https://www.predictiveindex.com/surviving-an-economic-downturn/.

New Virtual Workshop: Inspire People to Perform

Given the current economic climate and the demands posed by largely remote work, maintaining the productivity of existing workforces requires effective management, leadership skills, and clear communication. For people managers and team leaders, HR and People Operations, this new virtual workshop—Inspire People to Perform—helps business leaders unlock the full potential of their current workforce by:

  • Increasing productivity as a result of improved interpersonal communication and positive team dynamics.
  • Enhancing the organization’s business results and employee engagement.
  • Effectively communicating and collaborating within and across teams.


Learn more at https://www.predictiveindex.com/services/.

Free Service for Any Team Leader During This Time

PI has helped thousands of businesses navigate several economic downturns over the last 65 years. The company is offering to help any leader understand team dynamics using The Predictive Index platform for up to five team members free and with no obligation. 

Companies can sign up for this free service here.

“Understanding and making necessary adjustments for team dynamics to match the context and environment—communication preferences, decision making styles, and how they take action—can dramatically impact your team’s ability to withstand the economic quake and pivot for the imminent aftershocks,” said Drew Fortin, SVP of Sales & Marketing


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The Predictive Index (PI) is an award-winning talent optimization platform that aligns business strategy with people strategy for optimal business results. Over sixty years of proven science, software, and a curriculum of insightful management workshops make PI the solution for any company looking to design great teams and culture, make objective hiring decisions, foster engagement, and inspire greatness in their people anywhere in the world. More than 8,000 clients and 350+ partners use PI—including Nissan, Citizens Bank, DocuSign, Subway, 47 Brand, FAM Brands, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Omni Hotels—across 140+ countries. Learn more at https://www.predictiveindex.com/.


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