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Here you’ll find additional learning about our most powerful talent optimization solution yet: PI Design. You can sign-up for a 1:1 Talent Strategy Session, skill up with our free talent optimization and teamwork courses, and collect your Dream Teams Summit badge.

Experience the PI Dream Teams Summit

Sailing Against the Wind
An Interview with Katie Sowers
Introducing PI Design™
Predictive Index Design Explainer
PI Design™ Animation

Breakout Sessions

PI Design pt. 1: Discovering Team Types
Part science, part team building, part self-discovery. We highlight how teams communicate, make decisions, and resolve conflict.

PI Design pt. 2: Talent Strategy. Business Results
A deep dive into bridging the gap between people strategy and business results.

How our clients get the job done
PI customers share their success stories.

Introduction to talent optimization
Matt Poepsel, PhD gives an introduction to talent optimization.

Drive your consulting business with talent optimization
Learn how consultants solve their clients’ biggest people problems.

Learning continues long after the Summit ends.

Take a free course in PI Learn. Discover how to improve teamwork and apply talent optimization in the workplace.

a consultant working with her client to determine KPIs

20 minutes

How to increase team cohesion

This course will cover what team cohesion is, what factors influence cohesion, and some best practices to improve your team.

2 hours

Talent Optimization Leader Certification

The certification allows you to demonstrate your understanding of the talent optimization discipline.

PI employees sitting in on a team meeting

5 minutes

Understanding Team Types

Learn about the 9 Team Types, team science, and individuals that balance team dynamics.

Want to learn more about building high-performing teams?

Explore one of our free courses—or complete the full certification—that will help you build collaborative and accountable teams that deliver consistent results.

Start Certificate

Team Performance Certification

Complete in: 1 hour
Start CourseHow to manage team conflict Complete in: 10 minutes Start CourseTalent optimization essentials Complete in: 1 hour 30 minutes Start CourseDeveloping trust in teams Complete in: 15 minutes Start Course Understanding leadership behaviors Complete in: 15 minutes