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Our Values

The cultural fabric of any organization is as only as strong as the threads that bind it. Here are the corporate values of The Predictive Index.

These are the THREADS that bind us...

We’re a team of A-players who strive to make valuable contributions, support our team members, and hold each other accountable for A-work all the time. 

Honesty & Ethics
Enough said. 

Reliability & Transparency
Our team members and partners can rely on us for clarity and transparency of our actions and in our communications. 

Having fun while we work and taking time to recharge keeps us going longer and better.

We use our judgment and believe that errors of action are better than errors of inaction. 

We are driven by the power of PI and have a yearning to ignite the PI spark in workplace relationships and culture everywhere. 

We recognize the need for prioritization and focus so we can maintain a realistic scope on projects and make a real impact.


...this we believe. If you do to, we should talk. Find jobs at PI

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