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Behavioral Drives

The PI Behavioral Assessment shows you what drives and needs people have, what types of jobs they will likely excel at, and also uncovers key insights into how best to manage and communicate with them.


Cognitive Ability

Some roles require a minimum threshold of cognitive ability, or learning aptitude, needed to function. Our Learning Indicator asks numerical, verbal, and spatial reasoning questions to determine capacity to learn, adapt, and grasp new concepts in the workplace.


Job Targeting

Determine the best-fitting behavioral pattern for a position using key stakeholders that will interact with the position. The Job Assessment takes into account the specific tactical elements of the role and also considers the company culture and team dynamics.

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Selling Skills

Our Selling Skills and Influencing Skills assessments help you quantify and improve your team's approach to consultative selling or influencing others inside and outside your organization.

Knowledge Transfer

Having the right tools is only part of the equation. We believe heavily in the power of knowledge and have carefully crafted a curriculum of instructor-led management training workshops to ensure swift adoption and direct ROI from The Predictive Index across your entire organization! All of our courses are led by expert trainers from our PI Certified Partner Network.

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Community, Education, and Support

PI Catalyst gives you the additional content, education, and support from our growing community of users. Complete challenges, earn rewards, and get the help you need.

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How much does PI cost?

Costs vary depending on how many employees are in your organization, product configuration, number of workshops, and workshop attendees. Learn more about PI Software and Workshop pricing.

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