April 2024

Hire, Perform, Platform

  • Group Analytics: Users can now have the ability to summarize a group of individuals to understand the average behavioral pattern of those selected! This is available in the Global Navigation.
  • Candidate List View in Hire: Users now have the capability to see list of all candidates, choose to take additional actions and have support for bulk action of moving multiple candidates to a job.
  • Send the Behavioral Assessment to colleagues; use insights in your day-to-day work: Users can more easily see if colleagues with whom you have a 1:1 workspace have taken the PI Behavioral Assessment. If they haven’t, it’s just one click to nudge them to take the BA so that you can both start utilizing PI’s behavioral insights in your day-to-day working relationship.
  • 360 review responses are now anonymous: Software admins will now be able to see individual responses in their org’s 360 reviews and choose to share them with the reviewee anonymously, or only provide a summarized version of all peer feedback. This gives employees an opportunity to view all feedback given to them!

March 2024

Hire, Platform

  • Collaborative Targeting: Now users can gather up to 5 stakeholder’s input, align on key role behaviors, and feel confident the job has the right targets. Collaborative Targeting provides the assurance that role requirements are well-defined early in the hiring funnel for ideal candidate matching
  • Support of Multiple Email Domains: Multiple domains are now allowed in your account. Located in the Admin tab, the administrator can safelist any domains they use for their company. Please note, the domains will need to be associated with the company and not personal emails.
  • Anonymization: Admins will be able to anonymize people data through account settings and an individual user, and remove Personally Identifiable Information within the records of the software, in bulk or by person. This is only applicable to archived software users and canddiates.

February 2024

Inspire, Platform

  • Customize BA Template: We added more admin functionality to the platform! Users can now customize Behavioral Assessments email templates. This will allow users to tailor the message when sending out assessments.
  • Disable User Access: Now users have the ability to disable access for employees who are software users.
  • Relationship Guide: Users now have the ability to look at a relationship between two people to view the relationship traits, cautions and tips!

January 2024


  • More admin power and bulk actions now live in 2.0 software!
    • Now have even more administrative power to perform requested tasks such as ability for consent and assessment expiration.
    • We also streamlining admin functionality by allowing bulk actions (like send assessment, send invitations and transfer of ownership) for employees under the People tab, including access settings and sending assessments will be available.

November 2023


  • New reports have been added to Inspire! The Management Skills Guide, Personal Development Guide, and Management Strategy Guide are now available both in software and via download on November 14, 2023. These reports provide personalized guidance for managers and reports alike and make behavioral insights actionable, so 2.0 clients can improve their leadership skills
  • The full BA report is now available in the Candidate Insight Packet! Users can now download and share the full Candidate Insights information, exactly like what is presented in product.

October 2023

Hire, Inspire

  • E Factor is now in Hire and Inspire! Factor E measures the degree to which an individual prefers objectivity when processing information and making decisions. If someone is subjective (Low E factor), their decisions are driven by emotions, intuition or instinct. Objective (High E factor) decisions are based on the data available.

September 2023

Hire, Inspire

  • Develop Exceptional Leaders with PI Inspire Interpersonal relationships have never been easier with the launch of our new product, PI Inspire. Discover how to be a better manager with customized guidance for all of your working relationships. Launching on 9/21.
  • The Predictive Index for MS Teams is here for 2.0 Hire and Inspire Clients! Help your clients keep PI top of mind by downloading our app from the Microsoft Teams app store today. Notifications on candidate assessment completions ensure your clients never a great candidate in their email inbox again. Inspire users can pull about information right into Teams to improve any working relationship in real-time.

August 2023


  • Delete and make a copy of a Job in PI Hire: From direct user feedback, users can now delete and make a copy of a job in PI Hire. This will mitigate data management issues and help alleviate administrative burden
  • Custom Message Sharing Box: We added a “custom message” box to the share panel in Hire 2.0. When a user clicks on the “share” button on the job page, they will now have the ability to enter text and send additional information about the job to another user.