November 2023


  • New reports have been added to Inspire! The Management Skills Guide, Personal Development Guide, and Management Strategy Guide are now available both in software and via download on November 14, 2023. These reports provide personalized guidance for managers and reports alike and make behavioral insights actionable, so 2.0 clients can improve their leadership skills
  • The full BA report is now available in the Candidate Insight Packet! Users can now download and share the full Candidate Insights information, exactly like what is presented in product.

October 2023

Hire, Inspire

  • E Factor is now in Hire and Inspire! Factor E measures the degree to which an individual prefers objectivity when processing information and making decisions. If someone is subjective (Low E factor), their decisions are driven by emotions, intuition or instinct. Objective (High E factor) decisions are based on the data available.

September 2023

Hire, Inspire

  • Develop Exceptional Leaders with PI Inspire Interpersonal relationships have never been easier with the launch of our new product, PI Inspire. Discover how to be a better manager with customized guidance for all of your working relationships. Launching on 9/21.
  • The Predictive Index for MS Teams is here for 2.0 Hire and Inspire Clients! Help your clients keep PI top of mind by downloading our app from the Microsoft Teams app store today. Notifications on candidate assessment completions ensure your clients never a great candidate in their email inbox again. Inspire users can pull about information right into Teams to improve any working relationship in real-time.

August 2023


  • Delete and make a copy of a Job in PI Hire: From direct user feedback, users can now delete and make a copy of a job in PI Hire. This will mitigate data management issues and help alleviate administrative burden
  • Custom Message Sharing Box: We added a “custom message” box to the share panel in Hire 2.0. When a user clicks on the “share” button on the job page, they will now have the ability to enter text and send additional information about the job to another user.

July 2023


Candidates Insight Page and more robust candidate behavior results now available in PI Hire: Access important candidate insights, job fit, and Interview Builder with fewer clicks. Plus brand new, deeper insights into candidate behaviors, management style, and influencing style to give you even more tools to make the best hiring decision.

June 2023

PI Basics, Hire, Design, Diagnose

  • Cognitive assessment: The Cognitive Assessment is now integrated into PI Hire. It is designed to streamline your recruitment process and provide key insight into the cognitive abilities of prospective candidates. By using this tool, you can unlock valuable data to support the selection of the most fitting candidates.
  • PI Documentation Center now live: We recently launched our new Documentation Center, which includes detailed how-to guides, FAQs, and best practices to answer burning questions and help you get the most out of the PI platform. Visit the Documentation Center here.

May 2023

PI Basics, Administration

  • Search: discover people and jobs with ease:  We’ve recently updated the search function in all of our products. This update was designed to enable users to locate people and jobs within the software more effectively. This update is part of our ongoing commitment to streamlining your talent optimization process. 
  • Single sign-on (SSO) available: SSO is designed to streamline the login experience by tackling pain points such as: difficulty in remembering multiple usernames and passwords across multiple services, or the need for strong and complex passwords that are hard to remember. The addition of SSO to your account will make your login experience more convenient, simple, and secure. Read this introduction to SSO for more information.

April 2023

Administration, Hire

  • Job Ad Optimizer in PI Hire: Job Ad Optimizer, now available in PI Hire. Designed to optimize job ad descriptions to attract the best candidates, the Job Ad Optimizer provides science-backed and data-driven language recommendations to help users attract behaviorally aligned candidates. By taking the guesswork out of creating effective job ads, users can focus on what matters most – finding the right candidates for the right roles.
  • Authenticator app available for multi-factor authentication:   We have expanded the options for multi-factor authentication! Users now have more flexibility and security when logging into their accounts, as well the option of using an authenticator app such as Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator. This feature ensures that users can securely access their accounts, no matter their location or the availability of SMS services. To enable MFA, users can navigate to the Organizational Settings tab within their account and toggle the MFA settings on or off. Once enabled, users can select their preferred method of MFA from the PI login page.

March 2023

Administration, Diagnose

  • Admin functions are now located in one place: Manage all account Admin functions by clicking on the Gear Icon in the upper right-hand corner. Manage users and their permissions status, add people to multiple PI products, enable company-wide settings, and view the subscription and billing information of their software subscriptions.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication now available: PI account admins can now add an extra layer of security to their organization’s accounts. When enabled, MFA requires a two-step authentication process when users sign into their account (e.g., email/password, followed by a code sent to the associated email or cell phone) to better protect their information. This is an optional feature that can be activated via checkbox within Company Settings. Learn more about MFA here.
  • Org Upload now available in PI Diagnose: Users can now upload their organization’s data within PI Diagnose—making it easier to measure and manage survey results. Download our template, populate it with relevant organization data (such as employees names, titles, and departments), upload it directly into Diagnose, and handle any data discrepancies—all right within the software. Learn more about importing organizational data here.

February 2023

Hire, Design

  • Manager/Team Leader Checkbox is live in PI Design: In our legacy version of PI Design, users have the ability to denote the manager or team lead of a team. In doing so, the software will add a manager-focused strength to the person snapshot for this person. This strength denotes the most significant contribution this manager or team leader can make to improve the team and further its goals.
  • Behavioral Assessment info page added to the job creation process in PI Hire: Update to the job creation process includes a link to a page that will provide more information about PI Hire, specifically the behavioral assessment, to drive more clarity and confidence in using the software.

January 2023

Hire, Design

  • Improved job creation process in Hire: Easily select from three job targeting tools in our new step-by-step job creation process.
  • Sharing Jobs in Hire: Get recruiters, hiring managers and job stakeholders across the organization aligned by using the Share button to get valuable feedback on a job, including how candidates fit the job target. Users invited to collaborate will be provided view or edit access to only the job shared with them. Learn more about sharing here.
  • Improved onboarding to increase Behavioral Assessment completion in Design: Updates to the team creation process will teach and encourage users about the behavioral assessment and how behavioral science powers team design.