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Keep the lines of communication open by joining PI Exchange, a free Slack-hosted instant-message forum for PI clients and team members who want to share ideas, network, get real-time product updates and more!


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How does PI Exchange work?

PI Exchange is an instant-message based discussion forum, so all of the discussion happens in chat form in real-time. Each discussion topic has a channel and there’s something for everybody.


Our channel for brand new PI clients to engage with others who are new to PI and receive onboarding information, and ask questions!


Read about all of our latest product releases. Use this channel to stay up-to-date on all the new features.


Get updates on upcoming events, webinars, promotions and all things up-and-coming.


Have a question, comment or topic for the whole community? Put all of those treasures in the general-pi channel.

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Bring the power of PI to your Slack workspace with Reference Profile Emojis!

After a thorough analysis of millions of Behavioral Assessments, the PI Science Team identified 17 “Reference Profiles” that create a behavioral map for different types of people. Knowing a person’s reference profile helps you understand who they are and how to work with them. To bring that understanding into our everyday conversations on Slack we created Reference Profile emojis! Download the Emojis below and get step-by-step instructions for adding them into Slack here.

Download the Emojis


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