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  • 2017
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  • Longview, WA, USA


Profitable Growth through FIT and FOCUS.

Square Peg helps companies accelerate growth. This is accomplished in medium to large organizations by finding the best fit between people and their work, from hire to inspire, using the scientifically-validated behavioral assessments of the Predictive Index®. We guide small to medium-sized companies in determining the best investments of both time and resources in their products and services, using our FOCUSED Cash Contribution Analyses. As the leader of the firm, Frank McShane brings 30+ years of experience using these tools as a proven C-level executive, consultant, and mentor.

Frank McShane

Frank McShane


Frank has been in the executive, consultant and mentoring role for over 30 years. His initiatives have resulted in cumulative benefits of over one billion dollars for his clients. Frank’s results are phenomenal, and with Square Peg Consulting you can achieve outstanding results too.

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