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  • 2005
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  • Las Vegas, NV, USA


Helping you transform your team for extraordinary results.

Resolution PI helps organizations improve performance by realizing the full potential of their most powerful asset - their people. We help you ensure that your staff is aligned with your objectives, and possesses the resolution to succeed. This statistically validated process is successfully used by organizations of all types and sizes around the world to improve profits, reach goals, and enhance workplace harmony. Your team will see people and problems with enhanced resolution, allowing you to communicate clearly, motivate successfully, and manage profitably.

Doug Waggoner

Doug Waggoner


For 25 years, Doug Waggoner, President of Resolution PI, has been using the insights from the Predictive Index to help organizations succeed. He brings insights from his own experience running small companies, as a CEO in mid-sized entities, and a manager in large corporations. His current clients include a similar range of entities, ranging from defense, advertising, banking, manufacturing, accounting, law, retail, service, and quasi-government organizations.

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