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Are low sales, high turnover, or poor managers keeping you up at night? We have proven we can help!

I’m not a psychic but I can tell you who your top sales people are and who your bottom sales people are. I can tell you who your best managers are and those that are struggling to get results. Not only can I tell you why your people are struggling, I can tell you how to correct it. It’s not voodoo, it’s science. Only by using the science of people can you increase sales, increase profits, and reduce turnover. That’s the lesson I had to learn back in 1997. Now that I know how, I can help you.

If you are a CEO, Senior Sales Leader, or Senior HR officer of a company with greater than 50 employees, then let me prove it to you. We teach you how to identify, attract, and retain top sales people and top managers.

Steve Caldwell

Steve Caldwell


Steve is a long time expert in PI methodology and has helped hundreds of companies achieve their goals.

Steve is awesome, amazing, incredible! He should be canonized!


I must admit I was skeptical of the need for a two day class, but it was well worth it. Informative and fun! PI is easy to read and interpret once trained.


I loved the complexity of results and the science behind PI. Steve was great! You can tell he is passionate about what he does.


I was surprised by the depth of analysis possible using PI. This workshop exceeded even my unreasonable expectations. Steve's the best!


Steve Caldwell and Predictive Index have helped my company in the areas of hiring, coaching, placement and team building. Steve is a person that truly cares about the people and companies he partners with and I am a better person and businessman from having ever met him. Over the years he has become a great mentor and friend. Needless to say I would, have and still do HIGHLY recommend him and his products!


John Wooden, Vince Lombardi and Phil Jackson are among the greatest coaches is sports history with a combined 26 Championships between them. The key differentiator in these historic coaches versus all others was their ability to maximize the potential of each individual and build a Championship team not just once but 26 times. Like a great coach Steve Caldwell will MAXIMIZE the development of your organization like few in the game today. With a plethora of options for sales training, professional development and talent assessment available in today’s marketplace, Steve stands out above all the rest. He delivers a solid foundation for employee growth and development, talent management, team building, leadership development and all essential ingredients to improve your business performance. Steve is a master at the elements of Predictive Index, he knows what makes people tick, he knows how to align people to the “right jobs” and he has a system that ties everything back to improving a company’s overall performance. Steve is a game changer, a life changer and will provide you the invaluable insights to improve employee retention, sales performance and company culture. If you quest to build a Championship team you need Steve Caldwell!


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